About us

Our services include the following:

-          Monthly billing

-          Re-billing of all outstanding accounts receivables.

-          Medicaid ( Long Term and Coinsurance)

-          Medicare PPS for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

-          Medicare Part B

-          HMO

-          Hospice

We will do whatever is necessary to get you paid accurately and on time on your Medical Billing reimbursements.  Our services include, but is not limited to:Electronic and paper claims processing within 48 hours of pick up Claims receipt verification Immediate secondary and rebilling if needed 100% follow up on all denied claims 100% follow up on all aged claims Prompt answers to your billing questions and concerns

Here’s a quick and easy way to find out.

Simply answer the following questions:Are your insurance collections continually late? Are they continually rejected, for seemingly no apparent reason? Are you unhappy with your current cash-flow?

How it works is simple. You decide how much or how little we will help. We can start by handling a portion of your claims (such as Medicare) or take on all of your billing functions at once.

Who Does the Follow-up on the Medical Claims?

We do!  We follow up on every claim until it is either paid or declined with a satisfactory explanation from the carrier.

Will my claims really get paid faster?

Definitely. Electronic claims are always processed before paper claims, and because of the electronic tracking methods in place, the insurance companies can't claim they never received your claims.

How often should we send our new billing to you?

As often as you choose to!  We personally recommend, however, that our clients send us their new billing consistently on either a daily or weekly basis.

How will the information needed to file a claim get from my office to a billing specialist?

Well there are three different ways: 1) if you’re close by we can pick up the information, 2) you can fax the information, or 3) you can e-mail the information.

What information is needed in order for your office to generate a claim on our behalf?

We normally require the following (may vary):

·         New Patient Information Form

·         A copy of the patient's insurance card (front and back)

·         Insurance eligibility form

      Hospital Face Sheet

      Nursing Home Face Sheet

      Patient Responsibility Amount.

      Monthly Census by Payor Type

      Accounts Receivable Open Balance Reports

      Remittance Vouchers

      Monthly Charges

      Nursing Assesments

How do you handle non-payments from an insurance carrier?  (denials, etc.)

We must first determine if the denial, whether in part or in full, is valid.  If the denial is valid it must be written off.  If the denial is not valid, as in many of the cases, we will request that the carrier reprocess the claim. 

What happens if the claim is rejected or paid wrong?

We will challenge any and all rejections and will do prompt follow up on any problems.

How quickly do we get reimbursed?

The variance of payers and many outside factors make this a difficult question. However, the average turnaround in the industry is 30-45 days. Obviously, some are more and some are less.

Are all the claims filed electronically?

All claims will be sent electronically whenever possible. If not, paper claims will be computer generated.